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Build Muscle
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EmSculpt is a revolutionary treatment which uses high intensity electromagnetic therapy to simultaneously reduce fat and build muscle. Through a short, noninvasive procedure, you can increase the size of your muscles while growing new muscle fibers. In fact, a single EmSculpt treatment is the equivalent of doing 20,000 crunches or squats! Studies have shown that patients can lose an average of 19% fat and gain 16% muscle. 

If you’re still not convinced, Laser Skin & Wellness offers a FREE 5-minute “Try Me” EmSculpt session during your consultation.

Patient Results

Patient Testimonial

Dr. H and the Laser Skin and Wellness staff are very very nice; working well together in helping me to improve my overall health and to reach my weight loss goals! Thank you Dr. H and the Laser Skin & Wellness Staff!

Kim D.

Those who are already is good shape and want to further define their abs or buttocks typically make great candidates for EmSculpt. Those with more significant fat deposits or who are pregnant or nursing should avoid EmSculpt. Remember that EmSculpt is not a weight loss procedure and is not an alternative for a healthy diet and exercise routine.

EmSculpt treatments take about 30 minutes to complete. During your EmSculpt session, the device will be placed on the treatment area to deliver high frequency electromagnetic energy (HFEM). This stimulates muscle growth while reducing fat cells. Most patients have four or more EmSculpt sessions spaced about 2-3 days apart.

EmSculpt requires no downtime. You might feel sore after your treatment, like you’ve had an intense workout, but you will be able to return to your routine immediately after your EmSculpt appointment.

Most EmSculpt patients see results from their treatment about 2-4 weeks after their final session. These results should also continue to improve over time.

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